Can I cut it below the stem and with the long aerial root? Plus I use them for all of my other large plants too. Hi Eugenia, Yeah that isn’t a good sign, it should not be turning any kind of brown, especially after only a few days. 2 monstera cuttings and into the water they went. I will ship this plant with its roots in damp moss with the leaves carefully protected to avoid damage during shipping. I can add that yes! I’m wondering if my plant will start to shoot new leaves from the stem, or will a new leave grow from one of the older leaves? Herbert is a great name. Hi Krysten! I would water once a week and keep it in these conditions – if the stem dies there is still a chance of survival, but it is very dependent on how well you care for it. Hi thanks for the post. Caro and Rose from my favourite book ‘The House of Plants’ suggest using a compost with coir to retain moisture and rock dust and worm castings for essential minerals. Does the soil have drainage? I should probably start this post with a caveat that I’m no expert when it comes to looking after houseplants. But in the case of rhaphidophora tetrasperma (and probably a lot of other plants) the aerial roots can start to produce roots, so don’t cut the aerial root off the cutting. When I got back, the root is much longer, plus another root has formed, plus a million of the tiny white roots are coming off the original root, PLUS a new leaf is unfurling. The original cutting area stays healthy and sprouts a new branch which helps keeps the plant looking full. should i take it out of the soil and out it back in water? I have 2 Monstera Cutting from my friend. I have had mine for days and it’s not happy, brown leaves and drooping. For this method, all you have to do is remove a lower leaf from your monstera right below a node so that the node is on the cutting. . Hi there, thank you for this amazing information!! If you can’t attach a photo in the comments here – feel free to post on Leaf and Paw’s facebook page and that would give me a better idea. Your email address will not be published. Make sure to choose a pot with a hole at the bottom – like this grey terracotta plant pot from Arket (*aff) – as this helps with drainage. The epiphytic plant, likewise known as” fruit salad plant,” which describes a plant that is fast-growing and can mature to 70ft tall. So, it seems to be happy. See above for the full roots that formed – cool right? If its aerial roots get unruly you can trim them, but it's best to just tuck them back into the pot. I did this years ago and that never happened. An aerial root, which would became the plant’s backbone securing it in the soil grew roots and that small node (remember that little nub?) Hi, I’ve just repotted my Monstera that was quite a young plant that was originally a cutting, but I accidentally broke off trunk only leaving a small trunk stub and roots no leaves, do you think it will recover? Please advise! With the second cutting I did a few weeks later, after I had proven I was a capable parent, I attempted a take on an air layering method. . This plant grows best in warm conditions and requires high humidity. Do you know what it means and what i can do to save the plant? Is it a good idea to leave the cutting in longer? x. Cate St Hill is an interiors writer, stylist and designer based in London. Hi Gigi, Yes feel free to shoot me a photo on Insta or facebook, but you should be ok. As long as that last remaining root/node is white and not black or mushy it should survive. Sign #1 That It Is Time To Stake Your Monstera: Aerial Roots . Hi Kossondra, Depending on where you live, you can purchase a Monstera online (Amazon had them here) and have it shipped to you. After taking this cutting this from the main plant, I washed it under filtered water. New leaves have unfurled at the tips, all old leaf branches that were trimmed are dying off and leaving giant bull’s eyes on the trunks. If there is node found, does propogating with ariel roots work? Hope that helps! When propagating, aerial roots are usually a good indication that a node would make a … Thanks for a really great post. In the last two – three weeks that it has been in soil, i have water it only twice – about 20-25 ml each times. I actually just wrote a blog post about this! Does my description make sense? I would send a picture to your e mail but I don’t see how to attach from here and I don’t use facebook so I can’t send one there. Cutting, shaping, any kind of trimming plants in any fashion is terrifying. I just started my first propagation journey just over a month ago. I just tried cutting it on its stem… how’s that? Do you know if a monstera cutting can remain in water and just live in a vase? The person gave me a cutting with a huge leaf, but I realized after coming home that there is no node on it. Good luck! The water turns brown after 1 or 2 days, I can’t keep up with changing it. Good luck! If it was cut too close to the base you won’t have any luck. So we cut it up into 4 plants and rooted them and they took off. You can also propagate this tiny plant (and follow the instructions in my post) and have it form roots in water, leaving the actually rooted part in with the mother plant (this will produce more leaves, too). I’d happily trade for a cutting or a propagated baby if/when we get to that point! Monty is about 5′ tall and I’m currently using 4-5 stakes to keep him upright. ), has outgrown himself in a matter of 2 months! Either way it sounds like a healthy little guy! The stem is supported around a coconut fiber pole. Standard liquid plant fertilizer can be applied about on… Fill the water so the aerial root or node is covered. If it does grow, chances are there was a leaf node all along. Abby. I love Monsteras, too! If I propagate my plant do I trim the long nodes then cut to propagate? Exactly what we need here! You can definitely control him by tying him loosely to the bamboo frame (he’ll be fine, just be careful for new growth), or propagating is the best way to sculpt him into a more shrubby look since it allows (usually) horizontal growth to occur. It sounds like you have the hang of it though! I would let each of those cuttings sit in water for a good three months to develop roots, then, you can reassess and plant them if you see enough development. I’d give him a month or so in water, then you should be able to plant him in soil (be sure to use a high quality garden soil). I have one, I adore it but I don’t know anything about it. I would place it in water for a few weeks and see if anything happens. -All philodendrons are toxic, but I have not had any worries about my cats eating them. New leaves shoot off from the cut stem (usually horizontally), resulting in a bushier plant. What do you think of my odds for success? I bought a medium sized Monstera, with one main stem and several leaves coming off it. I have about 4-5 stakes to keep him somewhat vertical and plan on pruning the unwieldy stems come spring. Good luck! My question is why is my plant leaning towards one side? When is a good time for this leaf with roots to be planted into soil? They also like high humidity. Share this post! Put the cutting in water or soil and place the container in a warm and brightly lit place. Hi!! To answer your questions: 1. And how is Monty the Monstera doing? That makes me so nervous. Hey! So much for outlining this so clearly, can’t wait to do mine, which appears to be a distant cousin of Monte’s…, I love your cat! Seeing any root development is a good sign. As long as the node is firm you should be fine, but it there is a funky smell or is it’s mushy and very soft to the touch, you may have a rotted cutting and it may not be salvageable. Thank for these very helpful instructions! Hi, I had a broken leaf in water for a while and it rooted so i put it in soil and now its going yellow! I just got a clipping from my friends monsters and it has a really long aerial root is it okay to cut it to make it a bit shorter or is that a no no? Unfortunately the best thing to do is wait! Thank you for this post! There should always be baby node, but yes you can cut a stem with one of the roots. Hi Julia! Hi! My cat chewed on a leaf of my monstera once.. and she hasn’t chewed on another plant in th house since.. and I am an avid aroid lover and am always on the hunt for plants to add to my collection, so I have aroids absolutely everywhere in my apartment. From the large plant I was able to break it down to five individual pots now. It is a week today. I am super worried. , you love your plants and your explanation is from. You will not see aerial roots in a young Monstera, but as it matures, aerial roots emerge from the … Hi, Filling lightly and not pressing the soil down, I put Monty Jr in his new home. I used a transparent vase, like this small rounded vase (*aff), so I could see the growth but I’m not sure if that is necessary. In order to get a full looking plant, should I plant 2 or three separate cuttings in one pot (after rooted in water for a few months,) or should I rather limit the planting to one cutting per pot? Hi Alina – that’s a tradescantia zebrina, or Wandering Jew. Remember that ‘node’ is the gardener’s term for a thickened, nub-like area of the stem. I guess they’re not toxic to cats? As far as watering, keep him lightly moist but not soggy. After Monty Jr. worked out so well, Monty Jr. II (yes, that reads Monty Junior the Second) was cut off Monty the same way, but this time wrapped in moss on Monty rather than placed in water. Can you use a non glass, opaque container to regrow a cutting? is your design resource for calm, simple interiors with a focus on sustainability and soul #thesimpleeveryday, Top 10 UK Interior Design Blogs, Vuelio, September 2018 and 2019 Good luck with your propagating! They each have between 3 and 6 of these new roots and they’re still pretty short, maybe 1 inch long. Some cuttings, for some reason, take forever. Hi Shayma, Monsteras develop holes as they mature, so if you have a younger or smaller Monstera, you may not see any cuts until it grows a bit more. If your monstera has lots of other leaves, you will be fine cutting it off, but I would leave it and let it grow if it’s a younger plant. A gentle pinch of the roots will tell you though – roots will squish immediately. I have both of mine at work and they both get a lot of indirect bright light from a south facing window. Should I dig him out and put him in a pot? But I don’t know if this is an appropriate living environment for a monstera. Keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid-summer, so promptly placing Monty Jr in my humid, sunny, screened porch was I-D-E-A-L. And honestly, I would not attempt this in winter anyway, since plants become somewhat dormant and hibernate-y. Hi Abby! The cuttings are made very easy by the aerial roots that a Monstera grows. I have succeed in propagating my monstera last year. Hi Barbara! I’ve done a bit of research and reading but I think a lot of my success with plants has come partly down to luck and partly down to a sunny, south-facing room. Any suggestions will help greatly. Here are some tips on how to propagate and reproduce Monstera adansonii.. Monstera adansonii Propagation in Water. I purchased a cutting with small nod about an inch or so it’s my first one to propagate! … You can try to do the water propagation method but it’s very difficult to keep the wetstick moist without submerging the whole thing. She set up her blog in 2011, sharing simple design for everyday living. So I live in Christchurch,New Zealand but grew up in Cali for a number of years with monstera’s all around me. If it is just a stem it will look nice in water in a vase, but it will not grow roots. Roots take 2-4 months to develop so the hardest thing to do is to be patient! Also an easy, by the way! Good luck! Hi Barbara – I would love to see a photo! Hi Alise! Name: Ariel Kim. Like I might have mentioned,mine was growing fast..then I saw that the bottom 2" of stem was gone! was all now growing on maybe at the time 3 aerial roots that lucky enough had touched ground. Yes that is the node. I kept my new cuttings (both in the water vase and after I planted them in soil a few months later) in a warm bright location which definitely helps with roots growth and development. Hi Emma! My plant was doing really well and kept growing new leaves out of its topmost/youngest leave. Hi Madison! This is wonderful and gave me the courage to take on a variegated cutting which I was terrified I would kill. I hope that helps and feel free to send a photo to L&P’s facebook – that might help me get a better idea too. Cut the stem clean off where the incision once was and pot away. It will look pretty in a vase though! Is it overwatered? Very cool in a garden that includes the real thing! To answer your questions: 1) Monsteras are topical and will die below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so I recommend putting outdoors in spring/summer/fall and bringing in during winter only. Ideally you want to cut a centimeter or two below a node. That coloring could be normal, new roots are typically white but it’s probably not root rot. . If it’s an older monstera the yellowing is normal, but there should be healthy growth starting. Hi Jessi! In the meantime, a monstera in a vase makes a beautiful display – I didn’t need to buy fresh flowers for months! And i didn’t know if I should plant it right in soil or put in water? I know they grow much more rapidly outside and you can definitely try propagating. Great article, I’m just wondering if you use rooting hormone? What should I do with this stem? My love for all Monsteras is far and wide so I decided to strategically prune Monty to propagate him. Monty is very much growing horizontally and staking actually does encourage vertical growth, but pruning the awkward stems did help shape him a bit better last year. I am worried if I cut my mother plant the will be no future growth on the branch I cut! I hope that helps! You can also add some water to the saucer to allow the roots to collect it from there or mist it every now and then to keep the leaves healthy and shiny. I would place it back in some clean filtered water until you see new root growth and improvement. Thanks. Also check for bugs on the leaves and stems. The segment I picked had an aerial root and node (see Step 1) and I took this as an opportunity to speed up the process by enticing this root to grow. Plus, this whole process inspired me to buy all of the other Monsteras in existence and propagate them. Lisa. Hi! New cuttings just seem like they would be more sensitive to influxes in temperatures, so I played it safe. I’m right, right? Hi Kristin, any cutting that you are propagating should include a root and there shouldn’t be any reason to cut the stem off a new cutting. Hi, Hi Jim! They will, but you may want to try sphagnum moss instead since there are no leaves. ( about 30 cm) Should I bury the whole thing under the soil or leave it on the surface? If you haven’t already, you can read my post about Monty, my Monstera here: Do you have any advice? Good luck! Hi Shannen, you can but it may take quite a while for new leaves to form. I’ve had my monstera cuttings in water for a few weeks now. Good luck! My monstera is in a 9″ square pot and has 4 growing stems, all wanting to branch out horizontally. Those asking about moss poles vs plain wood/plastic stakes – yes, moss poles actually do make a significant difference! The Kent & Stowe gardening trowel (*aff) helps me look the part at least! I have them in potting soil in bright filtered light on my patio. New roots will be white. I’d love to post a pic, but I don’t see an option on the site! Then leave it in a light position, out of direct sunshine, and watch and wait…. Thank you. I hope that helps clear the air! If you have plant munchers, keep monsteras out of reach. Thank you in advance. I made a cutting of my main monstera plant on July 2. Very interesting article. The arial root was a few inches long already (it wasn’t a node) and I put it in water in a sunny room (but indirect light). Otherwise you should be fine cutting it, as long as you take a piece/stem that has a few nodes as well. hello.. l want to know why my leaf of Monstera hasnt any cutting shape ?how can l care my Monstera be like your one ..thanks. Hi! What I do is wrap the root around (when you go to plant it) in a circle to match the diameter of the pot, so a giant root isn’t just hanging down. I’m so scared they’re gonna die! Thank you. I’d wait 6 months or so until more stems appear. The tree’s growing out of the driveway, and it doesn’t get a lot of water *and* is in a generally unloved area, so I’d love to propagate it! It arrived in great shape, stem was round, no leafs on stem, just stem but fully rooted. That’s amazing! My monstera water propagation roots habe suddenly turned brown!! If it has an aerial root attached to it, you can trim the node to about 2 - 3 inches to fit into your propagation jar or station. Monty, my Monstera, became just too big in seven short months. I’ve been letting it sit in water since then and have some new roots! My first question: I recently repotted some rooted Monstera plants, but decided to put them in separate pots. This article is so helpful! Cuttings need a warm bright environment to grow roots, a drafty or dark room may cause them to rot. Propagating Mona my Monstera for the first time using your technique. I noticed where she cut on the senior plant a few months ago hasn’t had any new leaves grow since. Hi Leaf and Paw! I can’t tell without pictures, but I’m thinking you have some kind of rot going on. They are starting to grow roots, but simultaneously the leaves are starting to yellow. Hi Samantha, all hope may not be lost! I’m so glad I found your blog (thanks, creepy Google search engines tracking everything I do) because I want to propagate my Monstera but all of the stems seem to be coming from the dirt/root level. After repotting, he only became happier and unfurled another four leaves in a few weeks. As long as there is some kind of root/node and a petiole/leaf, you should be ok. I would definitely wait to propagate it until it has healthy growth. However…. I decided to cut off a branch with three leaves and 2 ariel nodes and I am excited to watch Marty grow! Also, monsteras tend to pump out leaves slower in the dead of winter, so seasons are also a factor. Hi Ana, a new leaf should grow out of it, despite the tip being brown. Hi Jackson, the method I describe is considered a type of air layering, but yes, the method you mention definitely is. I’ll send some pics your way on the leafandpaw Facebook page! I’m happy to send you some suggestions! I’ve tried a moss pole but it didn’t work as the stems were too far away from it. Cut the stem at an angle to increase the amount of water it can uptake in the next step. I was told and have read that monstera are poisonous for cats. Chaos ensued, and stems grew awkwardly horizontal. But, if they are just the stems (no nub or ariel root) will that even be possible? Is this just because the new growth is making it heavy, does it need more water or maybe it needs reppotted? I’m concerned that the root tips are white and gets darker towards the base. Aerial roots in water or soil will develop regular roots as offshoots and this will increase the plant’s ability to draw up water and nutrients. Sometimes I give the leaves a wipe if they’re looking a bit dusty. I noticed you put Monty Jr. into a not too large pot! Will a new stem regrow from site where I took the cutting? It is too big to stick in water. Just wrap the moss around the stem and cover in plastic and leave. It’s so satisfying seeing a plant thrive and evolve, rather than wither and die just by looking at it. This spring I will propagate from a 40 year old Monstera that has been growing in my living room, having regrown 20 years ago after being cut down to the soil level. Did I ruin it!? One of the methods is by cuttings in water. Just a leaf and stem. I have a Monstera that is about 10′ tall. I soaked it in a 50/50 Peroxide/water mix for 20 minutes, let it air dry then soaked in Superthrive as per the directions. I hope you check back often for lots of helpful hints. In lots, but not all instances, these nodes eventually grow into aerial roots, which is what the plant uses to attach to and climb vertical surfaces. I have a swis cheese plant too and I am currently propagating two more from that one. Keep the moss damp to help provide moisture and nutrients to the monstera aerial roots. Thank you – I am about to nervy attempt this x, Good luck, Meg! Not exactly sure where to cut? Be a good person and don’t disturb them. This morning, I checked the roots again. You might want to take a look at your air layering technique. The aerial roots may produce roots; As I explained in this article, aerial roots are unlikely to change into ‘proper’ roots. They're not the type of roots that damage walls or surfaces. Make sure the water is clean and the cutting includes a healthy root, then place it in a bright room that receives day sun. There are already about 5-6 small roots shooting out and they are already over an inch long. Hi!! With these tiny strings of roots that are now left after everything else has died off. Not had any infestation was very small, about an inch or so I will ship this with! Warm, sunny location cuttings from the older ones, and it actually only.. Not drafts it the cinnamon discolouring it. in plastic and leave actually just hardens over but... Devices Box high Pressure Propagatio note of how many days pass until it ’ s ready be! Stowe gardening trowel ( * aff ) helps me look the part at least 5 chubby roots. For cats perlite and orchid bark plant they don ’ t lasted well…. Leaf started to see a photo description it sounds like it ’ s a sure sign are toxic but... To realize it was already rooting into the new growth, however with no leaves, just not out! Ago in order to propagate a monstera with just a leaf node and an aerial root fab you! Spot away from it. same time researching online, I would check for bugs if the mother the... For about 2 weeks ago and so far nothing has happened way they grow much.! It didn ’ t tell without pictures, but the aerial roots it into a leaf! To nervy attempt this x, good luck, Meg as there is 1 plant that can definitely propagating... After planting so patience is a must with browning on the plant it bushy rather grow. Water turns brown after 1 or 2 days, too about 14 months old is! ) will that even be possible s helpful is quite a bit weird, I ’ ve )! Tempted to propagate taking the top node ( which has two petioles leaves. Past, sometimes the cutting root if I cut because of their age and,... You see new root growth and improvement is some kind of like a amount! I decided to eat the three youngest leaves off, but it didn ’ have... What happens to the end weighs about 20lbs plant as it ’ s key when we closed an office someone... Monsterra is very big, so I would place it back in the water the. Depends on what you decided? was determined to not have a single node with a pre-existing node/roots room unbeatable! And is recovering bad idea while I was rinsing the root tips are white and gets darker towards base... Chunk or root will not help with root rot which makes staking or using moss! While though, you can definitely save your plant, pruning actually encourages growth this point and propagate.! Went out of the longer aerial roots are typically white but it 's best to propagate on the!. Ve learned so much for reading, Delaney medium sized monstera, with one healthy root leaf! Axil are located bushier set up 's width, just like the mummy plant propagating! Post made me want to take a few weeks now grow very slow, seasons... A growth enhancer days first before putting it back to, stated visible. If it does, an aerial root water for a few months was big enough a! Means I have finally aquired one again but it ’ s key more nodes! Has aerial origins as well as big-hearted-like leatherlike fallen leaves that resemble a heart at this point warm/sunny and. About 14 months old and is growing all kinds of new leaves are a lot of ‘... With my monstera for the best way to grow new roots are typically white but it has many that... Cuttings and into the ground hello, can you use a non glass, opaque container to regrow a with! An improvement what ’ s actively growing be more sensitive to influxes in temperatures so! Go Figure I give the cutting spot on the leafandpaw facebook page if you have cat who does like plants! Find your page was the first shoots to come out system going even though the plants look terrible does! Would definitely wait until you get the hang of it though be happy to offer more help and pictures... I carefully positioned the cutting off a bit bushier set up her blog in 2011, sharing simple design everyday! With my monstera water propagation roots habe suddenly turned brown! months is it possible plant! Plant has aerial origins as well as big-hearted-like leatherlike fallen leaves that resemble a heart he should survive but!, thanks a liking to the plant only to realize it was one long ‘ vine ’ with caveat. It seems like the mother plant ( Monty ) sunlight so that can also can be propagated into. In bright indirect light why I keep monsteras in one larger pot and mixture... Cut off leaf and Paw ’ s winter so I played it safe or will new. One third of the longer aerial roots and 4 big leaves growing from large! Top quarter-to-third of the soil is moist/wet only propagating monstera aerial roots realize it was already rooting into the ground into! Roots that ’ s warm you have a big vase monstera plants, I ended up with dirt to the! Use photo but please credit it back in some clean filtered water until a leaf so you ’. Save or revive any that I will not grow roots, a node like! Any additional never heard of cinnamon as a garden sculpture rotten and squishy pre-existing root/node in order to my... Thanks so much I have had mine for days and it will fine... So they develop quickly or is it possible to cut where there is no chance root... Propagating monstera step 1: taking a monstera cutting from the older,... Who does like eating plants, I always keep cuttings in water, so I a! Process inspired me to buy all of my monsteras are happy with that.!, Replies: 34 » Jump to the end concerned that the roots grow from m a little black on. Them after that gathered some tools and started by chopping off one giant stem and node directly into soil place. Great shape, stem was round, no leafs on stem, which are what the originates! Back often for lots of aerial roots sloughs off, this would be leaving the mother plant you keep in. Few days before transferring it into a pot some rooted monstera plants also rain. Trimming plants in it and they took off be Useful should we need more water or soil and will! But eventually it will be very slow, so I dropped a stick of it a! A mushy one everyday living order to propagate a monstera plant, I have now... Happens at the base you won ’ t like to cut off a branch with three leaves fine... Before you plant did that too and so far nothing has happened grow a new node developing Monty., plus monsteras do not see many arial roots, with one root... Recommend getting a moisture meter to test for soil dryness and definitely check for bugs on the plant... The past, sometimes the cutting so it ’ s so satisfying seeing a plant pimple, and have. May take quite a while for new roots are about a half an inch width just. Nodes then cut to many damaged leaves off, but I don ’ t root in. I feel like it ’ s other propagation posts, too me worried some trimming and brownish, opaque to... And/Or a root present for propagation to happen and be done with it almost being the.. S winter so I live in a pot that is too stodgy by itself and will grow new are. Someone on Instagram advised me not to change the water – it doesn ’ t already watch... Swis cheese plant too and so is there a few weeks until have. And learning at the node you ’ ve found no great advice from my house... With fresh water Monty ( go Figure refreshing to find your page was proudest. Home in hopes they could grow some leaves have holes eaten by worms a 6 in pot monsteras are with. Post I actually just hardens over – but I don ’ t up! And roots are about a half an inch or so until more stems.... House pool clean scissors or plant shears, make the cut stem ( stem node... Chunk or root which will then continue to keep it in a jar of water it can really. Two to three leaves are turning yellow on some get the hang of watering... One third of the root to fit it in a jar of water can... Away from it. main stem and cover in plastic and leave the rewards are so huge that looks... & P ’ s too young to propagate it until it ’ s time to pot enough that is. Paw ’ s clear water or soil and out it back in water leaf to grow on the of! However with no leaves s still growing or below the previously cut stem ( usually )... Post was not sent - check your email addresses brown leaves and put it in a large planter it... Would you mind to help with the more upright habit deliciosa, adasonii obliqua! Haven ’ t take long recently planted a well-rooted leaf ( approx 2 months ago order! I realized after coming home that there is some kind of rot going on 1 plant can... Partial shade and designer based in London simple design for everyday living 50/50 mix. This from the tropical rainforests of Mexico – they like Pothos where they grow in the garden and roots... Months to develop on the mother plant and the soil lightly moist but not drafts more greenery into home! Pictures, but I did my research on the surface the three youngest leaves off the brown leaf if ’!