The jshint.packageManager setting can be used to specify which package manager you are using, npm or yarn. It’s a powerful way of working, and for my time, the best way to write web applications today. If you write React and you want to use a code linter that understands React, you’ll need to use ESLint. Installing JSHint and JSCS in Visual Studio Code. ESLint’s rules reference, by comparison, doesn’t explain nearly so clearly what each rule does. And obviously, if your team doesn’t write React, this isn’t even a question. ESLint is ranked 1st while JSHint is ranked 2nd. JSHint 和 JSLint 都是用于帮助开发者侦测 JavaScript 代码的错误和潜在问题的静态代码分析工具。不少开发者一开始接触这类工具会被两者混淆,本文试图清晰地解释两者的 npm install jshint If you are using nvm and zsh , ensure that the line to load nvm is in .zshenv or .zprofile and not .zshrc . JSHint and ESLint is both configurable and works great. More projects rely on it, and many more people download it per week than JSHint. JSHint is a static code analysis tool used in software development for checking if JavaScript source code complies with coding rules. It depends on where you are coming from. It is provided primarily as a browser-based web application accessible through the domain, but there are also command-line adaptations. This is a place where neither has a clear advantage. JSHint was created in 2011 by Anton Kovalyov as a fork of the JSLint project (by Douglas Crockford). Examining them, JSHint isn’t as popular among developers or teams as ESLint. ESLint also requires that you set up a configuration file. Every developer likes to write code a little differently. This avoids the frustration you see in the initial setup process. [2] There was a project intended to provide JSX support to JSHint: JSXHint. npx eslint --init . ESLint vs JSLint vs JSHint vs JSCS Tags: ESLint JavaScript I recently wrote about using ESLint to auto-detect bugs. This is a good thing! JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool. JSHint and ESLint is both configurable and works great. This command will walk you through a series of options to help you set ESLint up for the first time. Instead, you need to click through on each rule explanation to read more about it. If it isn't installed, please follow the instructions here. JSHint doesn’t have this functionality. 2、JSLint 和 JSHint JSLint 面市后,确实帮助许多 JavaScript 开发者节省了不少排查代码错误的时间。但是 JSLint 的问题也很明显——几乎不可配置,所有的代码风格和规则都是内置好的;再加上 Douglas Crockford 老爷子推崇道 Every developer…. ESLint makes it clear what problems it has with my code, and it’s easier to set up. [1] It was created in 2002 by Douglas Crockford. Part of the reason is that I write nearly all my UIs in React. JSHint Prvobitni autor(i) Anton Kovaljev Najnovija verzija 2.10.2 13. Error messages are a place where ESLint has a real advantage over JSHint. And while it’s easier to onboard a new developer to ESLint, the learning curve for JSHint obviously isn’t so steep that it’s impossible to learn. In the question “What are the best JavaScript linting tools?”. One credit that I will give to ESLint, though, is that they provide example code. Eric is a software developer and development manager who’s done everything from IT security in pharmaceuticals to writing intelligence software for the US government to building international development teams for non-profits. Which kind of team you are is a choice that only your team can make. ESLint’s errors are succinct, but still clearly explain what they’re talking about. At this point, the recommended way to provide JSX support in JSHint is simply to ignore the JSX syntax altogether and only have JSHint analyze the pure JavaScript syntax. JSLint Version The VS Code JSLint extension looks for a local or global npm installation of jslint. That information is useful, but it still doesn’t stand up to how useful ESLint’s error codes are. As the co-author of a JSLint plugin, I've had to consider whether to support JSHint and have decided to add support (it is a work in progress). It will lint JavaScript in files with the .js extension and optionally inside