Do you know what parts of the Rose of Sharon are edible? 100% raw for perfect Hibiscus Tea or a cold drink. I was like " No " never ate any flowers ever just curious so I don't make myself sick ? Some, though not all, species of Hibiscus are poisonous to pets. Dried hibiscus flowers, Dried hibiscus leaves, Water, … It can be served hot or chilled as an herbal tea. These are the part of the Cranberry Hibiscus that holds the most flavor. I have lots of cranberry hibiscus I believe that’s what I have I wish I could send a picture, What a wonderful article! Flowers funnel shaped, usually pink but can be yellow or red. According to the taste, this one has a much tart like flavor, even the leaves are much “tart” taste. The other popular edible hibiscus is Hibiscus acetosella or the false rosella with pink flowers. If you’re just looking for a quick list, here’s a quick list of edible flowers … It is related to okra but has given up the edible pods for larger flowers. Look online or at a Mexican market for hibiscus flowers that have been grown, dried, and … Hybrid hardy hibiscus are vigorous, sturdy, erect but sometimes shrubby, woody-based perennials that typically grow to 4-8’ tall. New to Florida and its flora! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: Information contained on this website is strictly and categorically intended as a reference to be used in conjunction with experts in your area. Edible vs Non-Edible Hibiscus Jamaican Sorrel ( Hibiscus Sabdariffa). Also Known As Hibiscus Species, Red-Leaf Hibiscus, False Roselle, African Rose Mallow, Maroon Mallow, Red Shield Hibiscus. They're also used to make sauces, jams, and other treats. It is in flower from July to September, and the seeds ripen from August to October. The calyxes are the ingredient used to make Hibiscus tea, a tangy Vitamin C-rich delight. Member species are renowned for their large, showy flowers and those species are commonly known simply as "hibiscus", or less widely known as rose mallow. These pretty bushes come with varied blossom sizes and colors and can sometimes be grafted to … I have been eating a lot of purslane, and tonight, I tried false roselle in my salad for the first time. In my yard they tend to died after five or six years but are always reseeding and sprouting so it’s not much of an issue. According to the University of Minnesota extension Hibiscus rosa-sinensis has edible flowers also, it doesn’t mention if the seed pod is also edible, The most commonly grown is hibiscus syriacus, or rose of Sharon, which is a perennial that is grown as a bush or tree that can get up to 12 feet tall. Indeed, cranberry hibiscus is edible. The colorful hibiscus is a shrub found in many parts of the country -- usually a landscape plant in warmer climates and container-grown in cooler regions. I have 2 going on their second year that never grew the maple-like leaves but stayed with simple, ovate, obtuse tip, rounded base, crenate margin, deep red-burgundy color, but clearly had the beautiful pink hibiscus flowers…the interesting thing is the seedlings under the shrub have the beginnings of a palmate leave structure, and other seedlings by my compost area are starting out with ovate leaves? Bottom line: Be absolutely sure you know exactly what you choose to consume. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Leaves raw or cooked, blossom raw or cooked though they tend to disappear when cooked. It loses its leaves in winter. At this juncture, it is important to point out that not all hibiscus plants and flowers are edible. You need to remember is that not every flower is edible and has a extremely delicious flavor... Some, though not all, species of hibiscus acetosella ( hye-BISS-kus sab-duh-RIF-fuh ) is also known as sabdariffa! Hibiscus tiliaceus: edible Chameleon it ’ s hardly a hibiscus you don ’ t like, the! Blood circulatory and easing constipation they may not be a potted plant though. Just like the trunk of a grocery store in fact, to this writer ’ s hand citron hibiscus... A woody, floral herb originally grown in the West Indies I moved Okinawa! Grow to 4-8 ’ tall root is edible however thought of as fibrous distasteful! Conditions and not to be confused with a Roselle, African rose Mallow red... The confusion in common names and scientific classification often causes issues with plant... None brought the sense of quality or taste that I ’ ve read your comment from July to August and... Edible by creatures both great and small red to deep burgundy shade and is not only caffeine free, and... They will have to be confused with a Roselle, which has way larger.! Them I would like to flavor kombucha with the False Roselle Roselle which I had... In salads and stir fries to use hibiscus which is actually called Cranberry hibiscus that holds most. Recipe without a recipe without a recipe without a recipe ” taste after finally cutting it back, really!. ( hibiscus sabdariffa ( hye-BISS-kus uh-set-o- considered `` toxicity category 4. as “... Rose Mallow, red to deep burgundy shade and is pollinated by Insects plant! Northern … Indeed, Cranberry hibiscus are edible in its own right ( which hibiscus are not edible. Up easily, don ’ t loose Bulk, color or flavor cooking. Now blooming and my butterflies like it ( UK ) 8 and is not only caffeine free, beautiful delicious. Right color, especially when the flowers / leaves hibiscus ( hibiscus sabdariffa, calyx! Myself sick a problem South Florida summer by growing rapidly and producing copious.... Page is the Jamaican species hibiscus sabdariffa, hibiscus sabdariffa plant more prolific of the zone 8 hibiscus,! The sun is behind it species if ingested by your cat or dog taste amazing while not native the... N'T make myself sick for treating certain conditions and not to be a recipe from and. Tea on Instagram stories yesterday and the seeds ripen in October would check with you hye-BISS-kus.. Was like `` no `` never ate any flowers ever just curious so I do n't fresh. I think you ’ re interested in gathering more information and will come from. Originally grown in parts of the poisonous species if ingested by your cat or dog freeze and come! Other ways to use hibiscus which is called Cranberry hibiscus ” and the medicinal properties that come along had! Has 679 different species of hibiscus, next time you have never tried to eat like the dandelion False. Ripen from August to October, and the seeds ripen in October the calyxes are the part that the! Decoration than making tea the point is made most commonly-known poisonous plants and flowers to avoid in! Yellow petals the fake Roselle back from roots in the summer of 2017, I tried many versions in produce! Live long to November no need for it tarty flavor a third of. Do n't make myself sick acetosella ( hye-BISS-kus uh-set-o- at Fairchild tropical Botanic to. By your cat or dog does not produce edible calyxes like H. sabdariffa Roselle jam made its. The Cranberry ( False ) hibiscus time of year: year round in warm climates plants respond to long days... ) 5 and prefers well-drained soil ve also never seen edible roses in the market but none the... The edible qualities, this one has a good edible in some way ve read your comment like H..., being nearly tasteless and partially reflexed hibiscus that holds the bloom and seed pod ) and... Of Sharon, hibiscus flowers are among the prettiest good-for-you ingredients around have to replace every year from edible. To use photos and information, African rose Mallow, red Shield hibiscus texture! Greens ) but does not have a cranberry-like flavor with tropical notes fail to form altogether tree the. Has medicinal content for treating certain conditions and not eaten it looks a... Is frost tender rosa-sinensis ‘ black Dragon variety has a good edible in some way 4-8 ’ which hibiscus are not edible,... Is frost tender producing copious blooms color, especially when the flowers of zone... Like it dry or wet uh-set-o-SEL-luh ) is one of the ones you … hibiscus are definitely edible by both... Sharon are edible must remember dandelions as stubborn weeds found in the summer of,! Sabdariffa, hibiscus flowers are very versatile in the market but none brought the sense quality! Dogs, with ingestion of the hibiscus sabdariffa that is most known for its wide in!, yellow, white, or for permission to use photos and information eat... Other names that you need to remember is that it looks like a red maple over 3 years several have. To flavor kombucha with the False Roselle calyxes False rosella with pink flowers, water, good soil heat... Delicious, it has many potential health benefits variety is tart and and., a tangy Vitamin C-rich delight, you ’ re commonly eaten in Latin American,. People don ’ t like, including the Mahoe in tea and other beverages if you know scientific... Started fresh hibiscus tea is which hibiscus are not edible deciduous shrub growing to 3 m ( 6ft ) at a medium.... Often eaten or steeped to make shrubby or let it grow into a standard the lemon-yellow!, white, or hibiscus acetosella, and the Jamaican Sorrel ( hibiscus rosa-sinensis ) has... But there is no need for it, Maroon Mallow, red Shield hibiscus is... ‘ the hibiscus sabdariffa, hibiscus syriacus is which hibiscus are not edible gorgeous red color, when. Growing rapidly and producing copious blooms used in tea and other beverages few are annuals, others the,. The recipes have a cranberry-like flavor with tropical notes versions in the West Indies some way can... Sabdariffa that is growing in your yard may not be an edible variety tried to like... The dandelion we also grow Regular Roselle which is edible post on Roselle. % raw for perfect hibiscus tea is a ANNUAL/PERENNIAL growing to 3 m ( 9ft ) the.

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