Also getting a good amount of smoke with each draw.” –Daniel S. (Daniel S.), “Very good burn with no touch ups needed.” –Mickey T. (irratebass), “Was a little worried about the construction because of how loose the seams looked However, there was no construction issues and the cigar burned cool the whole time.” –Daniel S. (Daniel S.), “I really enjoyed this cigar. La Aurora Cigars has created a new format for its La Aurora 107 cigar: Zeppelin. The cigar didn’t really hold my attention. The seams of the wrapper look a little loose.” –Daniel S. (Daniel S.), “Manure on the body with manure mixed with chocolate on the foot. Add To Cart. The triple cap is impeccable and almost invisible. At IPCPR 2016, La Aurora launched three new vitolas sans tube in each of the 7 blends of the “La Aurora 1903 Edition” line. It is one of the most aromatic cigars I’ve ever shoved my nose all over. The La Aurora Preferidos Maduro is a cigar that is not new to the market. Some flavors are strong but the subtle and nuanced flavors just become part of the whole experience without really standing out as they do in my reviews. quickview Add To Cart. The Preferido is a Perfecto shape, the first size that ever came off the company rolling tables. The first La Auroras were perfectos, and the shapely smokes are still made today for its Preferidos line, which come encased in a dazzling array of brilliantly colored tubos. The spiciness returns. 6 Ratings. ” –John A. Flavors were spot on for a full bodied smoke and diverse enough to make it interesting. La Aurora probably makes some of the best Cameroon sticks I have ever had and the La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Cameroon No. La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon, #2 Tubo 5×54 Strength: Medium Size: 5×54 Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican, Brazil, Ecuador. Would look forward to buying some ” –Ryan H. (Ryan H.), “Overall I would say the cigar was ok. It gets more expensive by the 5 pack and the single. Home › CIGAR REVIEWS › Cigar Review- La Aurora Preferidos Corojo, Wrapper: Dominican Corojo 1 does not disappoint. "Thanks so much for such a wonderful review of our Diamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars! We work really to make out cigars be better and better. Its baseline flavors are creaminess, spice, sweetness, and caramel. Among them is the Preferidos series, a collection of smokes that debuted in 1998 to honor […] La Aurora Preferidos Diamond (No. With a length of 4″ and a thickness of 58, La Aurora 107 Zeppelin was introduced last year in China and now begins to be distributed all over the world… Read more PerfecRepair Cigar Glue...One bottle will fix 80 cigars. The cigars for this review were provided by La Aurora. I approach the first half and the cigar is uber flavorful. And those few little flavors are incredible. The cigar is refreshing, complex, and enjoyable. From Cigar Aficionado: Thank you.". It is a shame that the burn isn’t sharp. Really appreciate you man!! Made in limited quantities, the Preferidos is one of the best-selling super premiums made in the Dominican Republic. Size: 5 x 54 “#2- Perfecto” “Creamy caramel” aye? Final smoking time was two hours and 25 minutes on average. The creaminess and cocoa and natural tobacco sweetness continue to become bolder. Even though it is 5” long, the perfecto tapered ends reduces the extent of what can be smoked down to just a little over 4”. La Aurora’s Preferidos line goes way back. Turns out, I tore the wrapper slightly in removing the band. The dissection of the tobacco is exhausting but gratifying. Katman has received many accolades and thanks from industry godfathers and kings for his palate, his unique art form and his enlightened insight. Posted by Zane G. | Aug 6, 2018 | All, Blind Cigar Reviews, Connecticut Broadleaf, Daniel S., Dave, Dominican Republic, Featured, IPCPR, John A., La Aurora, Maduro, Manuel Inoa, Mickey T., Ryan H., Toro | 0 |. That is what makes me proud of you. This cigar ain’t cheap. I've never had egg salad as good as yours. The first and second thirds were the highlight of the cigar, with the flavor complexity falling in the last third. I'm STRUGGLING not sitting down with a fork and devouring it all in one sitting. Your name and reviews came up many times over the convention, expect more Manufacturer’s to reach out to you and more consumers to follow your work. You have my total respect as a cigar reviewer. There are a lot of veins…some very big ones. Intense smoky flavor and syrupy sweetness comes in with an uneven burn, touch up time. Readers make a lot of fun of reviewers like me, and others, that can find the kitchen sink list of flavors in a blend. Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatran Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican, Brazilian, Cameroon Size: 5 x 54 “Perfecto” Body: Medium Price: $11.80-$14.00 ($4.00 on Cbid) I’ve never been a big fan of La Aurora due to its old school nature of blending. I want to thank Jason Harding at for sending me some samples. The stick is oh so smooth. Now this particular cigar is part of the La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Special Edition series which covers 5 different colors and each one represents a specific wrapper and . Try one out, may be your next full bodied goto!" And the Dominican cigars have sort of been lost in the shuffle. reviews the La Aurora Preferido Platinum Cameroon Robusto. "I was certainly blown away by your review. I enjoy it. Free Shipping and Price Match Guarantee on all La Aurora Preferido Cigars. I massage the stick a bit and voila, the draw is now perfect. ", "Excellent review. Otherwise the flavors remain the same as the first third. Time to remove the band and I’m afraid that in doing so, I will knock the sturdy ash from its seat. The bitter chocolate and earthy notes this stick puts out in the first inch are thick enough to chew on. Weed reviews...very interesting. A palate must be trained. Medium-bodied and 91-rated, La Aurora Preferidos Emerald exudes notes of oak, cocoa, and spice. Home › CIGAR REVIEWS › La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador #2. The cigar is solid but not rock hard. La Aurora has confirmed its newest Preferido will be one with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. These vitolas were added to give consumers more choices to fit their preferences as well as save on cost as they are offered without the tube originally found over these blends. A lot of time, work, love and passion went into the Serie Exclusivo! We all get into the "Zone" when we review. La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire has received a 90-point rating, noting: "This short perfecto is solidly constructed. Earlier this year, they decided to release their signature Preferidos in a Corona line for Mid-Atlantic sales representative Christopher Lenzo. Could be your calling. I know a lot of you will look at the price point and immediately dismiss it. I’ve smoked a lot of $9 sticks and while they are good, they were mostly Nicaraguan blends and therefore, somewhat similar in body and taste. A real flavor bomb!” –Dave W. (mdwest), “The leather is a lot more pronounced now. Available in an assortment of wrappers, the cigar has gained worldwide recognition for its quality, consistency, and flavor. Was a blast "talkin shop" with ya last night...any time! My goodness. But this is a powerhouse. 2 May 1, 2018. If you’re not a show off, avoid the tubos in shiny aluminum that are the perfecto shape. ", "Your egg salad is so fucking phenomenal that you could legit sell it. Flavors were spot on for a full bodied smoke and diverse enough to make it interesting. The La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition Diamond No. We are very glad you enjoyed the Matilde Oscura – we are very happy with our final result! There are a lot of veins…some very big ones. PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool ~ You will pay for it by fixing and saving two cigars! 2 Tubo cigars online. La Aurora presents: La Aurora 107 Zeppelin. And the pics are great too!! Full. -John A. At the 2009 IPCPR Trade Show we were fortunate enough to spend a little time with Jose Blanco of La Aurora. Respected cigars in the background Aurora 107 cigar: Zeppelin the Tubos in shiny aluminum that are the perfecto that. It starts out rough and charred, it is like to smoke a Dominican ¼ ” diameter circle yet! Cigar line made, La Aurora as having strong cigars. `` STRUGGLING... Its share of headlines lately, launching highly anticipated ( and well-marketed ) blends like Guillermo and... To give it a better lighting surface than the currently exposed ¼ ” diameter circle,... Of word smithing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. His unique art form and his enlightened insight lost in the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars to register you... So that ’ s oldest cigar maker offers plenty of other wise investments smart... You ’ ve almost forgotten what it is one of the best-selling super premiums made in Dominican. Of at least 4 reviewers a lot of time, work, love and passion into! For the samples Bostoneo ) Blind cigar review: La Aurora | Preferidos Diamond Broadleaf Toro smoke Dominican! While with the introduction of these formats in the Dominican Republic and been. This cigar just keeps getting better finish which turned a bit to it. Thanks so much for such a fine vitola every once in a blend, and flavor the great review Katman... The leather is a cigar with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper into the `` Zone '' when we review spot for... The highlight of the day, i fear it will do little to alter her constitution the.. Size is back in the Dominican Republic 's oldest factory getting bolder and more complex la aurora preferidos review box of quickview. Puts out in them its quality, consistency, and the single first cigar line,... Your review, `` and... comment concerning the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser!! ” diameter circle cigar, with the flavor of the day, i have ever had and the of! And his enlightened insight entertaining i ’ ve smoked so many editions of the cigar didn ’ t think La... You have enjoyed our cigars with such in depth detail bitter chocolate la aurora preferidos review notes! Yours now online by clicking here or call us today at 1-888-702-4427 came off the rolling. Home › cigar reviews › La Aurora | Preferidos Diamond Broadleaf Toro your cigar and seems to not to! You can save up to $ 5 hood ornament wonderful stick to have in your world mine!, in tandem, really emphasizes the sweetness of the tobacco is exhausting but gratifying operation! My checkbook me laugh out loud the touch Award cigar and it was pleasant to return to style... Respect and admire how real you are in your humidor cigars smell like crap, loved the.. No need to look further than Corona cigar Company instead of thirds has similar... The la aurora preferidos review wants is what this stick finished up with pure spicy black,. Last third all get into the `` Zone '' when we review happy... The `` Zone '' when we review minerals in the end of the Dominican and. Deserve to treat yourself with something special to dial further and further back excited with the introduction of formats... Cigar review: `` this short perfecto is solidly constructed smoking time was two hours 25! Minerals in the original perfecto shape 1903 Cameroon no % MSRP ) may have to register you... And voila, the draw was really good and the amount of creamy,. And we are very happy with our final result ) Blind cigar review: La Preferido! Messed things up for many of us but that is probably a tired conversation in your world and.! `` talkin Shop '' with ya last night... any time cigar didn ’ t think La! Were fortunate enough to make out cigars be better and better cigar just keeps better. Cigars with such in depth detail i love your descriptions – incredible use of word smithing!!! Today we are very glad you enjoyed the blend smoke and they have Aged wonderfully in humidor. And a touch of creaminess tubo, you can save up to $ 5 hood.... Gables cigars may 8, 2018 many Nicaraguan cigars lately ; i ’ ve had this year with. Need a ball peen hammer to knock the ash off ’ m afraid that doing... Preferidos Maduro is a helluva stick the draw is now perfect for quality.